What is Fire Rated Glass

What is Fire Rated Glass The idea of fire safety is not a new one, however, what is a new idea is that of the importance glass can play in fire safety. When it comes to the idea of a structural fire and glass the image that almost everyone sees is that of the windows blowing out because of the pressure that is caused by the heat from the fire. While this is a realization that everyone has, the sad truth is that everyone tends to think there is nothing that can be done about this particular aspect of a structure’s safety. However, this is where people are mistaken; thanks to fire rated glass. A large part of the problem is that, since fire rated glass has an appearance similar to that of regular glass, no one really thinks that there is a difference so they don’t really look into the use of fire rated glass. The truth of the matter is that fire rated glass offers a much higher rate of protection than it’s plain counterpart. Ordinary glass only has a heat resistance up to 250 degrees before it succumbs to the heat and breaks. There are tempered glasses that can offer a little bit more protection, however, their resistance level is that of 500 degrees. Basically, tempered glass is along the lines of the glass used in bake ware; in other words it can handle the heat of the oven but not much more than that. Fire rated glass on the other hand is a different matter. This type of glass is typically able to withstand heat temperatures in excess of 1600 degrees, depending on its rating. The ratings are assigned based on the level of heat the glass can withstand which is determined through strenuous testing.

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