What is Laminated Glass?

The reason why some glass cracks while others shatter is a question that rarely crosses the average person's mind. However, it's this little difference that saves hundreds of lives every day. Laminated glass is a material that most people pass on a daily basis without even knowing it. Its unique construction make it a valuable component in daily life. This particular glass is designed to take an impact without shattering in hundreds, or thousands, of sharp and dangerous pieces. The glass will instead crack, leaving a pattern that many refer to as a spiderweb. Most commonly seen in car windshields, this type of material is responsible for protecting persons against life threatening cuts, and costly damage caused by shattered glass. The difference is in the construction of the glass. Laminated glass is actually two pieces of glass that are sealed together with an interior layer of plastic, most typically in the form of polyvinyl butyral, otherwise known as PVB. When hit, the interior layer holds the glass on either side in place, keeping it from creating harmful protrusions and dangerous messes. Most commonly referred to as a type of safety glass, laminated glass is used more and more outside of automobiles and as part of building materials. Now, store owners are turning to laminated glass to maintain the integrity of storefronts and display cases. It's also commonly used for windows in areas that are prone to high winds and hurricane danger. Also, this glass is an excellent option for use in skylights and other windows that may feel the weight of significant pressure.

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