What is Laminated Glass

Although glass is a very versatile and widely available material part of the issue with it is the potential that it can possess for danger. While glass serves a multitude of functions one aspect that not many think about, until it becomes an issue, is the danger glass can present if it should break. When  glass breaks it leaves sharp and jagged shards what have sharp edges that can easily slice and cut which presents a danger if not handled properly. The danger aspect of glass is what actually brought about the idea of laminated glass.  A French chemist by the name of Edouard Benedictus came across the development in 1903. A compound called cellulose nitrate had coated a glass laboratory flask, later when the flask was accidentally dropped it broke but didn’t shatter into pieces; the end result was the development of laminated glass. The process for creating laminated glass is considerably more complicated today. The glass itself consists of two layers of glass with an interlayer of polyvinyl butryral, the refined result of the original compound. The compound, or PVB, allows the glass to absorb and bend if it’s impacted. Basically, if the window is broken then it doesn’t shatter, rather it may break but the pieces are held in place to avoid injury. Think of a broken vehicle windshield and how you may see a severely cracked windshield that occurred during a wreck, however, the glass is still in place it’s just cracked; this is the result of using laminated glass. This type of glass is most commonly used for vehicle windshields and any place where security may present an issues, such as store windows or shields.

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