What is Plexiglass

What is Plexiglass Many individuals utilize plexiglass but they just are not quite sure what it is other than a clear, strong type of plastic. Understanding what plexiglass is can help offer a much better perspective and appreciation for it, especially given its multitude of uses. Let’s take a closer look at just what goes into the making of plexiglass to get a better appreciation for it. The best place to start is to understand that plexiglass contain acrylic, this gives it the strength it has to withstand breaking and shattering. The technical name for this wonder, however, is poly methyl methacrylate, but plexiglass is so much simpler. When it comes to the manufacturing of plexiglass the options are that of extruded and cast for its production. The extruded method is exacting what it says; the liquid plastic goes through rollers that presses it out into sheets as they cool. This type of plexiglass is less expensive to produce but it is also not quite as strong and scratches much easier as well as having impurities. Despite its flaws this type of plexiglass is the most common as well as being considered good quality. The second method, cell cast, is more expensive but it also yields a higher quality. Single sheets are produced by when the liquid plastic is pressed between pieces of mold that are usually made of glass. After the plastic has gone through a gradual heating process it becomes much stronger than the extruded type. This plastic is generally used when it comes to products that need shaping or require machining of some type. Products such as aquariums, canopies and even some types of windshields are made from cell cast plexiglass.

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