What is smart glass?

Smart glass is simply glass that changes its appearance when electricity is applied to it. There are several different uses for smart glass, such as dimming windows for privacy and it's also a desirable part of decor for many homes and office buildings. Think of smart glass as today's answer to mini blinds. There are three different kinds of smart glass currently available: electrochromic, liquid-crystal, and suspended-particle-device(SPD). Electrochromic smart glass is made of two main layers of glass with several thinner layers between. When voltage is applied to a film on theoutside of the two main layers it activates the thinner electrochromic layers and changes the color of the glass. Liquid-crystal smart glass is 2 or more layers of glass that is laminated with a thin liquid crystal film. When electricity hits the film it turns the glass from clear to "haze" colored. Suspended-particle-device (SPD) glass consists of two layers of glass that are separated by a film that is light absorbing and conductive via tiny particles in the glass. This glass starts out as a darker color and when electricity is applied to it, it turns clear. Benefits of smart glass include the ability to block UV rays (thus reducing fading to fabrics and upholstery), the low amount of electricity needed to operate, and the ability to vary the degree of shading provided.

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