What is Switchable Glass and How it Can Benefit Your Life

What is Switchable Glass and How it Can Benefit Your Life                      Electric switchable glass is new age technology that allows users to control the opacity of the glass pane. This type of glass is extremely beneficial to anyone looking to try new aged "green" technology. The glass panes are controlled by either a remote, sensor, timer or by the user itself. The switchable glass also allows you to control the light and the amount of glare and heat that passes through the glass surface. This is extremely useful to business owners that hold in-office meetings on a regular basis and for smart home owners that are looking for more ways to go green. Another great benefit for up market homes is that this particular type of glass limits your needs for curtains in your home. Owning electric switchable glass is a great way to help your business or home take a plunge in to the green way of living. Not only does the glass obtain no moving parts, but it operates at a rather low voltage, which helps reduce the amount of energy needed to operate the window/door. Although you may not think this has any effect on the environment what so ever, it makes a huge difference to the earth and all our surroundings. If just one person a week/month started using switchable glass we could greatly reduce the amount of energy used around the world. Although electric switchable glass is mainly used in commercial, retail, security and health care buildings, it is also found in todays new aged smart homes around the globe. A lot of individuals install this particular type of glass into their homes to add an urban, intellectual look to their home, or for green home owners, to help the economy. In larger company owned buildings, the glass is mainly used to help control the amount of heat lost on cold days or the amount coming in during the warmer seasons. As for other areas of the buildings, the glass may be installed in conference rooms to help control the light and glare coming inside the building that is blurring the eye sight of individuals in the room.

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