What is Switchable Glass

Switchable glass is a versatile building material, which is also known as smart glass, the magic glass and the smart windows. Switchable glass is very sturdy; therefore, it is the material of choice for creating the floor to ceiling windows in most penthouses and glass homes. In addition, this particular type of glass is perfect for creating home windows, car windows and sky roofs for homes and cars. This building material is able to work the way it does because it uses light exchangers that can be changed with a certain amount of voltage power. As a result, switchable glass allows people to have control over their environment because now, they can control the amount of light and heat that enters in a home or car by making simple adjustments to the heat and light transmissions.

When the switchable glass becomes triggered, it has the ability to change its form from transparent to translucent and back again. As a result, this type of glass has the ability to block the light without affecting the outer visibility of the glass; therefore, allowing people to control the darkness of their home’s window and add plenty of privacy to a home or office. Currently, there are various types of technologies that can be used to create switchable glass, which include: micro-blinds, electrochromic devices and liquid crystal devices. As a result of using these types of technologies, switchable glass has the ability to increase the efficiency of a home. By adding these windows to a home, you will be able to save plenty of money on your monthly heating and cooling bills; you can even extinguish the cost of having curtains or blinds installed in your home. Another function that these windows offer is that they have the ability to block the UV rays emitted by the sun; which, by doing so, can also help you save money on heating and cooling bills. In addition, this type of glass window helps preserve the condition of some indoor furniture because it blocks UV rays, which can cause some items to deteriorate in condition. Switchable glass is made by using polycarbonate laminate sheets, and this glass has been used in countless number of large scale applications such as in the use of certain high scale business offices and even in medical offices because of it’s easy to clean and offers privacy. All things considered, switchable glass has been revolutionizing the face of glass

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