What Is the Advantage of Installing Bi-Folding Glass Walls?

Bi-folding glass walls are an innovative way to make an illusion of a more open space while creating a closed and private space for important decision making sessions and other commercial related activities.  Lightweight, but durable materials such as aluminum, wood and PVC make excellent framework for bi-fold glass walls or four, eight or sixteen panels. Bi-fold glass walls fold in two directions to allow optimal mobility, accessibility and privacy. Providers of bi-folding glass walls are attuned to the needs of commercial interests to help optimize space and maximize profit and energy levels.  Bi-fold glass walls are opened and closed with minimal effort and time.  Bi-fold glass walls transition an open area to a private conference session in a matter of moments. Easing the participants involved into a more controlled situation for defining parameters and resolving  conflicts. Less interference and distraction caused by those not involved are restricted by the glass wall, but also allows those outside the meeting to feel a part of the meeting process. Glass bi-fold walls enclose directors’ or team leaders’ offices, keeping their work area private, isolated and quieter from the general work  area. The transparency of the glass gives the appearance of  accessibility to the superiors for supervision and guidance which encourage interaction and exchanging of positive ideas and innovations. Care and maintenance of the bi-fold walls is dependent upon the type of materials the doors are composed. Bi-fold doors fold two ways which require an application of a light lubricant periodically. The glass panels are easily cleansed with a commercial glass cleaner for best results. Glass panels may be protected from smudges by hanging decorative window treatments. Other components of wood, metal or PVC maybe cleaned with furniture polish or dust removal compounds, metal polish and cleansers or all-purpose pump cleansers. Bi-fold glass walls are not only decorative, enhancing the work area of a collaborative office space; they also create a private work area for  the team leaders or superiors of a commercial endeavor.  The installation of bi-fold glass walls will enhance the working environment and keep the workflow positive and profitable. In the competitive world of commercial enterprises, bi-fold glass walls make the difference between success and failure of an entity.

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