What Is The Difference Between Sliding and Bi-Folding Glass Walls?

Glass walls are an excellent way to let light into any space. Whether it is a home, office or exterior structure, glass walls are beautiful and alluring yet functional for almost any application. They can be used on the interior to break up a space or the exterior to act as a transparent wall. Honestly, what better way is there to enjoy the natural light of the sun and bring the outdoors in while still maintaining a boundary for water and weather? Glass walls are the obvious answer. Luckily there are many different styles two of which will be discussed below. One of the most popular glass wall styles is the sliding type. Sliding glass walls are perfect for large walls where light permeation is of the upmost importance. These walls can easily break up a room or sit on the exterior wall of a home while making it appear that the wall doesn’t even exist. They open by sliding along a track that can be mounted to either the top or bottom of the frame. They are relatively easy to install and usually on the cheaper end of the spectrum. Most importantly this type is different because it can save on space. Since there is no inward or outward swinging of the door they are perfect for areas where space could be a concern. They are available with many different frame materials and colors much like other glass wall types. That being said, another popular glass wall style is the bi-folding. Bi-folding glass walls are excellent for very wide open spaces and are also a great way to decorate a space. Many bi-folding glass walls can be custom ordered to match the décor of a room or home. Frames can be made in different colors and materials. The major difference between bi-folding glass walls and sliding glass walls is the fact that bi-folding glass walls require space for the door panels to fold. They run along a track much like the sliding walls but will fold and bend inward or outward making it necessary to have ample space around the wall. The upside of bi-folding walls is that the panels can be adjusted to be opened certain ways and the wall itself can be fully-open, partially-open or closed entirely. They can be a little but more costly but are obviously more customizable than the sliding and are a little bit trickier to install.

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