What is V-Grooving

What is V-Grooving V grooving is a new and exciting process, allowing personalization to come to any area of a person’s home. V grooving is the process of pattern engraving into glass or even mirrors. A special machine is set up and programmed to cut each material to the specified request. The possibilities are limitless with this new technology. Whether one chooses an already existing pattern or decides to create unique pattern or design of his or her own, v grooving can bring it to life. Gift ideas or home ideas can finally be something sacred. For instance, if one wants the year their home was established added to their front door, it is not an issue. The door will be custom engraved to add this specific information. How nice would it be to come home and see ‘established in 1932’ engraved on the front door of one’s parents. The sacredness of the wedding vowels just became more visible to everyone. Child’s birthdays or first communion dates etched into a mirror, whether it be a wall or hand held mirror would allow them the never-ending reminder of this special occasion and have the knowledge of no one else having the same thing. Customizing doors and windows are a nice option for any home. On the outside there can be customizing as well as the inside. Have the coffee table engraved with a family portrait or the last name of the family. When guests visit, they will love the additional ambience. For a reasonable price, all of these ideas are possible through v grooving with glass. Make sure to look into v grooving glass, today and add some individuality to the home.

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