Why is Laminated Fabric becoming so popular

Why is Laminated Fabric becoming so popular People are always looking for a great multi-use fabric. Laminated fabric combines a cloth backing with polyurethane coating. The coating allows the fabric to handle stains and water while at the same time allowing it to be used as a standard fabric. This makes for a fabric that can handle a lot of stress while at the same time allowing a tailor the ability to make something with it. Because it is lighter than oilcloth it is slowly replacing it. As its popularity shows, there are quite a few things you can do with it. The general use for laminated fabric is for cloth items that are usually near water that need some degree of protection from that water but where a heavier cloth such as canvas would make things difficult, such as boat cushions and picnic umbrellas. These items require some protection from water, especially as otherwise they would quickly rot. In and of itself this makes for some great fashion at the beach, as laminated cloth allows for a number of different uses, such as better coordination of colors on a boat or for insulated bags to better resist being dumped accidentally in a nearby lake. Given the stain resistant nature of the fabric, they also find use in table cloths and seats used for children. However, it has also found its way into regular clothes. The fabric makes clothes made out of it a little tougher making it great for play clothes and outer clothes. The properties of laminated cloth make it great for jackets and jumpsuits, clothes that take a beating but are still seen enough that some decoration makes sense. Jackets are an obvious example, as the cloth allows bright colors and floral prints, while at the same time allowing for resistance to most weather effects. Pet clothes also benefit, as they can stay dry without suffering the encumbering effects of oilcloth. Ultimately, laminated cloth allows for a wider variety of uses than oilcloth while offering the same benefits and wider range of designs and colors. For the fashion-minded the cloth makes an excellent replacement for the thicker and plainer oilcloth. Although oilcloth is still good for colder weather and heavier rains, for less extreme weather laminated cloth has a number of advantages for those looking for something light, colorful, and water-resistant. For those purposes the cloth is admirably suited, and makes for some very fun décor.

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